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Braces: A Rite of Passage Even for Hollywood Kids

Her parents Will and Jada are Hollywood royalty, who helped her land her first acting role when she was 7. She released a hit single, “Whip My Hair,” before she had quite reached the age of 10; shortly afterward, she was signed to a record label. Yet the young singer and actress Willow Smith has […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Orthodontic Retainer

OK, so you’ve been getting orthodontic treatment for what seems like a long time—and finally, your braces are about to come off! Now you’re home free, right? Well, almost… but now comes the final part of your treatment: the retention phase. That means you’ll need to wear a retainer. Most people find that a retainer […]

Retainers: The Final Step to a Great New Smile

As soon as the braces come off, many people feel that the hard work in getting a new smile is all done. But wait! There’s one critical piece of the process that remains: the orthodontic retainer. What makes this little device so important? To understand that, let’s look at how your teeth are attached, and […]

The Importance of Orthodontic Retainers

We’d like to take a moment to clarify why it is so important to wear the retainer(s) given to you after your orthodontic treatment. These devices, which literally “retain” your teeth in their new and improved positions, are not just for kids. Anyone who has recently had their teeth moved through orthodontics needs to wear […]